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Digital assets in the palm of your hand

Digital assets in the palm of your hand Cross-chain transfer | Safe and fast | Decentralization

An all-round digital wallet that allows you to gain financial freedom

If you have the following problems to solve, the UUwallet wallet is tailor-made for you

  • 5000000

    service users

  • $1200 billion

    transfer amount

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Safe storage of encrypted digital currency assets self-control

Safe storage of encrypted digital currency assets self-control Integrating wallet, data, wealth management, transaction and other functions into one, exploring Web3, making operations on the chain more convenient and transactions easier.

Support 20+ public chains

Now supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, TRON, HECO, MATIC, AVAX, OKT, EOS, FTM, Cosmos, etc.

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Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

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  • What can UUwallet help you with?

    UUwallet can help you operate encrypted assets more conveniently and quickly, and exchange encrypted currency USDT for legal currency more safely and quickly

  • What digital currencies does UUwallet support?

    App supports 20+ main network coins (ETH, BNB, HT, OKT, AVAX, MATIC, FTM, XDAI, LUNA, LUNC, FIT, SOL, TRX, DOT, ATOM, XRP, FIO, NEAR, NEO/GAS, ONT /ONG, KAVA)

  • Why some tokens do not display prices?

    UUwallet currently only supports the price display of mainstream tokens. If the token you are particularly concerned about has no price displayed, you can contact us.

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