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common problem

What can UUwallet help you with? What digital currencies does UUwallet support? Where are private keys and passwords stored? Is the BTC in the wallet stored on the mobile phone or on the UUwallet server, similar to a bank? If the phone is lost, can re-downloading UUwallet restore the digital assets in the wallet?

wallet use

Why can't I search for a Token? Why some tokens do not display prices? How to search and add tokens? Why do some currencies show that they have stopped supporting? What should I do if the BTC balance is incorrect after importing the wallet? How to change wallet password? Is it possible to delete a wallet?

transfer transaction

What should I do if I fill in the wrong address when transferring money? Use UUwallet to transfer money to others, when can the other party receive it? What should I do if the transfer has not been confirmed? Can unconfirmed transactions be trusted? It shows that the transaction failed, but the miner's fee was deducted? Why are there Ethereum transactions with an amount of 0?

wallet security

What should I do if I forget my password? What should I do if I find an inexplicable transfer transaction that is not operated by myself in UUwallet? The mnemonic phrase is stolen, the wallet is stolen, what should I do? What should I do if I forget to back up the mnemonic phrase? What is a ciphertext mnemonic? Do I need to back up the plaintext mnemonic and the ciphertext mnemonic at the same time? Do I need to back up my wallet after each transfer operation?

Private issues

What data will be sent to the server? What is the unique ID that identifies the device? How does the server authenticate? Can I share my xpub with others? Can other people lock my funds? Is it possible for someone else to know where I'm coming from? Is it possible for UUwallet to steal my money? Is it possible that there is a backdoor or code bug that caused my money to be lost?